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Supporting reMiks means supporting these lovely peeps as well. 


Be proud that the pieces you purchase from reMiks Jewelry

are thoughtfully made from sustainable materials. :-)

Karen Hill Tribe 
of northern Thailand

Hill Tribe Silver has mezmerized people around the world with its distinctive hand-made appearance for a very long time. It is 99.9% pure silver. Hill tribe silver is usually soft and can be easily woven and curved into different designs.


It gets its name from its makers - the hill tribes living in the mountains scattered along the Burmese and Laotian borders of Northern Thailand.


*You will see "HILL TRIBE SILVER" in the description of a specific piece that supports the livliood of these beautiful humans.*


I was lucky enough to meet these beautiful people in 2011.  You can hear more about that by clicking on the sweet mama pictured here. 






Students of Chaing Mai, Thailand

Many of my bug and beetle specimens come from a 4th grade classroom in Chaing Mai, Thailand.

I found a lot of great things to support and odd treausres to reMiks during my travels through this welcoming and inspiring country.

My "bug man"

Meet Mr. Manop Rattanarithikul, Malaria specialist and 'museum' curator from Chaing Mai, Thailand. 


He contracted Malaria as a child and suffered for many years. After recovering, he dedicated his life not to hating, but to understanding the tiny insect that almost took his life.


He began to collect and study any natural curiosity that had died naturally in the wild. He has provided me with information and bits of the bug and butterfly world that I could never bring to you without having known him. 


Learn more about my time with "bug man"

by clicking on him. 

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